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How To Use Oracle Impdp Utility

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This Online Tech Support learning page is based on examples and here we are describing how to use Oracle IMPDP utility.

Utility Oracle Impdp (Oracle Data Pump Import) is using a data pump driver to move a data (taken from an exported dump file set) into the same or a different Oracle database. The dump file set should be created earlier by Oracle Expdp command. The Oracle impdp tool’s import depends on the exported file set and how many objects are exported. For example you can’t import more objects than had been exported by Expdp Oracle. The following syntax is a basic structure of Oracle Impdp command.

IMPDP <username>/<password> DIRECTORY=<oracle directory> DUMPFILE=<name>.dmp LOGFILE=<name>.log
TABLES=<table names>;

The first example will import three Oracle tables (online_users, online_products, online_adds) from file online_tables.dmp into a database using user oracle.

IMPDP oracle/secret DIRECTORY=my_dump_dir DUMPFILE=online_tables.dmp LOGFILE=online_tables.log
TABLES=online_users, online_products, online_adds;

Before executing the example above make sure you did export the dump file set using Oracle Expdp (see the link on the bottom) and those three tables. Also make sure your user has read-write permissions to Oracle directory my_dump_dir.

Before running impdp make sure you gave to your user the IMP_FULL_DATABASE grant or the following error may appear.

Error ORA-31696: unable to export/import TABLE_DATA:<your_schema_name.your_table_name> using client specified DIRECT_PATH method appears when the oracle user does not have enough permissions.

When the error above appears then run the following command. Log out and on and try to execute the impdp in the Oracle system again.

grant IMP_FULL_DATABASE to <your user>;

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