The Cygwin tool allows Windows users to execute Unix/Linux commands in a Windows system. Once you got the tool installed and you would like try it out via the Cygwin64 Terminal shortcut. The terminal window opens fine but the executed commands return errors “command not found” as on the following picture:

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The problem may lay in the shortcut command that had some problems during the installations and it left out an important flag. After opening your shortcut you will see something like below except the scygwin version.


The quick fix is very simple just add a minus to the end as the following example. This minus sets the terminal shell to run as “logged on” shell.

C:\scygwin64\bin\mintty.exe -

You can try to execute this command via Command Prompt and if the problems contunue then your tool may missing some libraries. You could try to re-install the Cygwin program.

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